For 20 years the company has managed to become one of the big agricultural producers. 25 thousand decares of land in the land area of Dobrich region. We invest in the production of high quality grain and oilseeds - wheat, barley, rape, sunflower, corn, etc.

In order to ensure the production Stoychevi Agro commands with high productivity machines.The company's agricultural machinery is from some of the world's leading manufacturers that has proven to be leaders in their field: Zetor, Unia, Great Plains.

To guarantee the quality of the production, the company has built a grain-base with a capacity of 6000 tons. The company is constantly investing in the modernization of the farm and is currently planning to build a high-tech warehouse holding a silo complex with dryer and cleaning machines.

The total capacity of the Warehouse is planned to be built with a capacity of over 6,000 tons of production.