We believe that everything in our work is directly linked to responsibility for the people who trust us in our land and to our society as a whole. The company wants to contribute to the better use of land assets, contribute to the proper management of natural resources and stimulate land use in our country.


Stoichevi Agro is well-known and has proved to be a true and accurate company that is open to its partners to build long-term relationships.

We understand the agricultural business

We understand the agricultural business well, its difficulties and challenges. We can expertly advise our customers so that we grow together.


We are well acquainted with the agricultural land market and our consultants are ready to answer your questions about land use and lease relations. Our business consultants, on their part, offer only proven and proven grain production practices and technologies - seeds, fertilizers, reversals that have proven their effectiveness in our fields.

Good care

We believe that the Bulgarian land should be kept and worked with care as it is our main resource, which in good governance will be preserved for the future generations and at the same time will bring good profitability to its owners.