The company

Stoychevi Agro is a company with traditions and rich experience in agriculture. Founded over 25 years ago it has been successfully overcome the problems of the land transition and managed to build a successful agriculture founded upon good care of the land.

We are working to increase the added value of Bulgarian agriculture and we are offering a wide range of services related to active asset management - agricultural land - rental, leasing, replacement, purchase.

The company follows and applies modernism in agrotechnical land cultivation events and uses high-performance agricultural machinery which guarantees not only good treatment, but also achieving high results in production and realization of production.  

Stoychevi Agro company cultivates agricultural land in territories near the villages Bogdan, Stojer, Sokolnik, Debrene, Novakovo, Lyuben Karavelovo, Zornitza. The farm has been successfully growing four major crops: wheat, rape, sunflower and corn.

The company also deals with seed production, which provides high quality seeds for its planting and also offers for purchase to other land producers.